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Since 2016, we have led the efforts to improve the learning and leardership abilities of over young and gift people in the Bexley area. We have been at the forefront of Private Tuition Centres based in the Bexley Area of Kent.

Our tutor and parent network is important and we accomplish a lot together.

Group Tutoring: students of equal academic ability are taught in a small group. This we find very effective as it promotes peer learning, helps build team working skill and helps Student develop improved communication skills.

Contact us for information on Holiday Intervention Classes.

We provide an inspiring and actively creative environment where our students can develop self confidence, true sense of self worth along side academic excellence.
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Group tutoring

Our tutors work with students which can typically be two to six students for small group tuition. The tutor focusses on teaching the students so that they have time to interact with the others, as well as working at their own pace.

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One-to-One Tutoring

One-to-one is an up-and coming learning initiative that allows individuals to learn how and when they want to (anytime, anywhere) via personal, portable, technological devices in a wireless environment.

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Booster Classes

Our Booster Classes give children the opportunity to receive extra support in their learning. Has your child been identified as needing support to further their learning? They are welcome to attend a series of ‘Booster Classes‘.

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GCSE Intensive Classes

Experienced Tutors in the Maths, English and Science GCSE Subjects. We Teach All Course Content and Exam Techniques. Proven Results to Improve Grades and the Lessons feel just like face to face lessons

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holiday intervention
We provide an intensive Holiday Booster Package for students who have challenges in attaining expected levels on any subject.

Mon-Fri: 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Sat: 10:00 am - 8:00pm


31 Pier Road, Erith, KENT